Green house Wolf & Deer

You are welcomed to have healthy recreation in guest house Vilks & Briedis ( Wolf and Deer ) to get warm in bath house, to swim in hot tub and stay overnigh

bath house

In neighbourhood of Smiltene where time after time some bigger animals are walking around,wolf and deer has been seen. Often their pathes criss cross and as you can imagine it ends with fighting, clawing and butting horns.But for how long time they can be hateful?One winter morning after another fight they realized it is time to make a peace.So wolf and deer decided to live under one roof. And there is no better place in Smiltene as the end of Cerinu street.Stay in town but feel as in countryside. Both friends found themselves in newly built bath house, becoming it's guards and protectors. Come and have a look what offers Vilks and Briedis

professional attendant

Attendant Valdis who more than 10 years is also healer will prepare you for bath procedure: will offer herbal tea, cleanse the aura and tell what trouble each have. Afterwards flagellation and massage (bioenergetic, aromatic oils, and samurai whisk)